Inpatient Hospitalization

Treatment Overview

Prairie’s inpatient program helps stabilize children or adolescents who are in an immediate crisis while providing the skills to help minimize future incidents. Prairie provides overnight hospitalization for acute mental illness, chemical dependency and dual diagnosis patients. Patients participate in group therapy sessions while also receiving individual and family therapy.

A thorough assessment is completed and an individual plan is developed for each child or adolescent. The treatment team assesses the needs of the individual and provides a supportive, respectful environment that encourages and reinforces positive behaviors, such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Problem Solving
  • Positive Thinking
  • Positive Peer Relationships
  • Respect for Authority
  • Expression of Feelings
  • Impulse Control & Delayed Gratification
  • Expression of Feelings (regarding self and others)
  • Conflict Resolution

Therapy throughout the stay will include:

  • Diagnostic and Evaluation Services
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy & Social Skills
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Psychological Education
  • Anger and Aggression Management
  • Individualized Education Services
  • Medication Management & Education
  • Case Management and Discharge Planning

Treatment Goals

The treatment goals for Child and Adolescent Inpatient Hospitalization include:

  • Ensure safety
  • Stabilize illness/behavior
  • Educate the patient and his/her family on specific medical conditions and medications
  • Prepare individuals for a return to healthy school, social and family relationships
  • Teach patient to use available family, community and social support resources to avoid relapse
  • Transition successfully to lower level of treatment care as appropriate

Family Involvement

Children and adolescents function within a system – the family unit. What is happening with one family member affects the entire system. A team of treatment professionals explore ways to prevent future crises while working with parents and children on communication, problem solving, parenting strategies and the development and implementation of rules and consequences. We teach the positive reinforcement approach so parents may continue these supportive and effective methods at home.