Intensive Outpatient – Substance Use Disorder

Prairie St. John’s Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are designed for adults who need organized treatment services but are able to do this within the context of their usual environment and daily activities. Patients at this level of care participate in 3-hour group sessions 3 evenings a week for approximately 7 weeks.

Treatment is received through the following group sessions:
• Chemical Dependency Education Process Group
• Social Work PyschoEducation Group
• Family Education and Multifamily Process Group

Low Intensive Outpatient Programs (LIOP) are a step-down from IOP. Patients at this level of care are seen in a group setting one to two times per week for ongoing care and maintenance. Individual and family therapy can also be provided at this level of care.

Treatment Goals

The treatment goals for Adult Intensive Outpatient Services include:

  • Teach patients to use available family, community and social support resources to avoid relapse
  • Further stabilize illness and behavior and allow more support and monitoring with less intensive structure
  • Learn skills and increase understanding necessary to resume basic occupational, educational or interpersonal functioning
  • Monitor and support the return to healthy work, social and family relationships
  • Transition successfully to clinic follow-up when appropriate

Individual and family therapy can also be provided at this level of care and can be arranged through therapists in one of our clinic locations. To schedule an appointment, call Prairie St. John’s at (701) 476-7200.


Prairie St. John’s Adult Outpatient Chemical Dependency Programs