Alcohol Abuse/Dependence

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and often fatal disease that affects nearly every cell in the body. These alterations are manifested by an increase or decrease in tolerance, physical dependence and craving.

Some of the major symptoms of this disease are denial, loss of control, withdrawal from family and legal or work-related problems.

Other factors that contribute to alcoholism are genetics, psychology, culture and response to physical and emotional pain.

Alcohol abuse is a serious illness. Left untreated, it can destroy your family, devastate your life and leave you feeling like you’re all alone. You’re not – at Prairie, we are here to help.

Alcoholism warning signs:

  • Drinks to relieve tension
  • Lies about drinking
  • Performs poorly at work
  • Avoids family and friends
  • Suffers memory lapses
  • Wants to drink alone
  • Loses control

For additional information on alcohol abuse, see the Resources section.

Prairie St John’s Residential Community Area

Prairie St John’s Residential Community Area