Assessment Services

It is tempting to feel some sense of alienation or shame when problems can’t be solved on your own. These feelings are natural but unwarranted. Most serious emotional problems involve a biological dimension that is beyond your control. However, choosing to seek assistance is taking control of helping yourself, and there’s no shame in that. A Needs Assessment is the first step in a treatment process.

A Needs Assessment counselor is a master’s level mental health professional who will talk with you to learn about you and your unique situation. In consultation with an on-call psychiatrist, you will then be advised about help and treatment options that best fit your situation.

At Prairie St. John’s, programs are available to address your individual needs. We offer a confidential, free Needs Assessment to determine your specific needs and to refer you to a program/agency to best suit your individual needs. We have qualified, dedicated staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a confidential Needs Assessment, contact Prairie St. John’s for a free consultation today:

  • Needs Assessment: (701) 476-7216
  • Toll free: (877) 333-9565
Prairie St. John’s Assessment Services

Prairie St. John’s Assessment Services