In today’s world, things change faster than ever before. There is pressure to perform at work. There are financial pressures, parenting pressures and marital pressures. As adults, we feel we should be able to handle these changes and the additional responsibilities that often accompany them. We think we can do it all on our own and feel we have failed in some way if things don’t go the way we think they should. In addition to daily stresses, some of us have inherited a predisposition to psychiatric illness, which makes us even more vulnerable. Life is not always easy. Everyone feels these pressures and everyone feels overwhelmed by them at times.

The ways in which we deal with these feelings are not always easy to recognize. We may get moody or depressed. We may distance ourselves from loved ones. We may become argumentative and aggressive. Sometimes, people withdraw within themselves. Other times, they turn to drugs or alcohol to help them forget about the pressures of daily life. Sometimes we need professional help to deal with all that is expected of us. That’s where Prairie comes in. The Adult Programs at Prairie St. John’s offer distinctive psychiatric services to adults (ages 18 & up) with acute mental health needs or to those struggling with chemical dependency or addictions. Our adult services include: